Air-Pot Containers

Air-Pot Containers
Air-Pot Growing System Benefits

Eliminate root circling. The 3-Dimensional cone shape of the Air-Pot wall and continuous air-pruning eliminates root circling.

Reduce growing time on the nursery. The rapid build-up of new white roots fills the rootball, resulting in plants being available for sale much more quickly.

Double - at least - the "shelf-life" of stock. This is proving a crucial benefit not only to nurseries, but also to garden centers, where stock sometimes is held for a full extra season, and also to landscape customers whose planting schedule is often delayed. As long as the water and nutrient requirement is taken into account, the root structure in the Air-Pot just keeps getting better.

Ensure superior performance in extremes of weather. With continuous air pruning, new root is always being generated, particularly from the base of the stem. Not only is the system therefore more efficient in its use of all the available water and nutrient, it is significantly less vulnerable to extremes of cold and heat which so badly affect the mass of root at the outer edge of a traditional container.

Reduce losses dramatically. Immediate re-establishment after transplant means that losses are greatly reduced and makes the guarantee of nursery stock a realistic possibility and a positive selling point.

Simplify production. Small stock can be planted direct into 7/15/20 gallon containers, making several pottings unnecessary. In the US stock is grown for 4 years in the same container. In Australia, production time for some species is reduced by nearly half. In the UK, current trials also indicate a significant reduction.

The Air-Pot Growing System is made of recycled HDPE.

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See the Air-Pot Youtube channel for short videos showing Air-Pot Growing Systems in use in a variety of nursery and landscape situations.

Air-Pot Growing Systems do require some assembly. Click for a short demonstration video or View/Download assembly instructions.

Wholesale/Commercial Nurseries : please call for quantity discounts. Price reductions for pallet and partial truckload orders are dramatic.

4" Air-Pot Container
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#25 Air-Pot Container
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#45 Air-Pot Container
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#100 Air-Pot Container
#150 Air-Pot Container
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