CowPots are high quality, biodegradable, plantable pots that are great for your plants and for the environment too. Made from recycled Cow Manure, CowPots reduce the carbon footprint of container growing by using all-natural biodegradable cow manure instead of plastics that will most likely end up in a landfill.

Another advantage to using CowPots is how gentle they are on your plants roots. When you are ready to transplant simply plant the entire plant and CowPot into the ground and your roots will grow right through them as they biodegrade. Save your plants from transplant shock! USE COWPOTS!

A wonderfully, sustainable alternative to plastic based containers. CowPots.

The University of Arkansas found that CowPots had levels of decomposition in the soil greater than that of peat pots, coco fiber pots and Straw Pots. Read the study here.

For more information on how CowPots came to be click here.

As a distributor for CowPots we also have retail packages of CowPots for easy sale through a Retail Nursery or Greenhouse Storefront.