Monty's Joy Juice

Monty's Joy Juice Products Optimum Yield Plant Food

Monty's Joy Juice is a unique and enhanced plant food. It supplies and enables other nutrients to become available to the plant promoting stronger, more productive growth. It can be used in the root zone but used as a foliar spray is the most effective and efficient method of application. It is a very concentrated liquid plant food of unsurpassed quality at an unparalleled price. Monty's Joy Juice is a combination of quality ingredients, and has been formulated to promote faster root development, stronger plant growth and increased plant yields.

Monty's Joy Juice contains a unique processed humic substance which buffers against burning and is a soil conditioner.

Monty’s Joy Juice includes the following advantages:

  • pH balanced
  • Enables better utilization of soil nutrients
  • Increases quantity and quality of harvest
  • Overcomes nutrient deficiencies
  • Increases absorption through the leaf and soil
  • Equally effective when used on neutral or acid-loving plants
  • Compatible with most herbicides, insecticides and fungicides
  • Low salt index.
  • Low chlorine.
  • Virtually odorless, Non-corrosive.
  • Will not freeze or separate into component parts while stored.
  • Will not harm plants, regardless of incidence of use or amount applied.

Monty's Joy Juice is available in three formulations: All formulations promote quick plant response and are available in the following sizes: 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, 64 oz, 128 oz (1 gallon) & 320 oz (2.5 gallons).

Yellow Label : 8-16-8
A broad use root zone or foliar plant food which promotes new growth, root and top growth and larger foliage. Use this formulation to increase plant growth after seed germination.

Orange Label : 2-15-15
A bloom and yield enhancer that provides root and bloom nutrients, promotes bloom development, and increases plant yield. Use this formation as a bloom stimulant to increase plant yield while reducing plant stress.

Green Label : 4-15-12
Balanced plant food specially formulated for the specific needs of indoor plants. Green Label may also be used as a broad use liquid seed starter for quicker germination which increases root surface and early absorption of critical nutrients. This formulation promotes early root vigor and assists in developing early resistance. Use this formulation to provide early vigor in germinating seeds and seedlings.


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