Power Assisted

The tools that feature as part of the "Power-assisted" range are especially designed for extremely intensive work. Whether they are pneumatically or electrically powered, the tools reduce the amount of muscle power needed. Essentially, they reduce the demanding nature of work. 

These high-tech tools additionally boast advanced ergonomics, popular with both demanding professionals and amateurs.

Felco 800 and 810 : Light, robust and fantastically efficient: FELCO electroportable pruning shears were designed for all intensive cutting work, whether it be vineyard work, arboriculture, the upkeep of parks, gardens or forests, or in the context of ovine and caprine rearing. The electronically controlled FELCOtronic, offers incomparable cutting power and precision. Professionals will be delighted with its ergonomics and ease of maneuverability.

Felco 70 and Felco 73 : The initial powered tools in the FELCO range, pneumatic pruning shears are now widely used in large-scale pruning work. They eliminate the risks of tendonitis (RSI). Several operators can simultaneously work the same block from a single compressor!

Felco 76 and Felco 77 : These two Pneumatic pruners are the Felco 70 with factory installed extensions enabling the user to cut higher, hard to reach branches with all the power of the FELCOmatic line. 
Felco 76 is 60" long. Felco 77 is 72" long. 

These tools are Special Order only. They are not kept in stock. To place an order for these tools please call (503)-393-6411.

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