Spot Spitter Supplies

All the parts you need to connect a run of spot spitters to your water source.

Have an existing irrigation system? Don’t want to buy all new parts? We have the fittings necessary to adapt your current irrigation system to work with  Spot-Spitters.

We have 1/8” to 1/4” barbed adaptors that will connect your existing 1/4” tubing to the John Deere Spot-Spitter tubing which is 1/8”. Simply leave your current system in place and wherever you would like an emitter to be switched out for a Spot-Spitter cut the 1/4” tubing and attach an adapter. Then fasten a small length of 1/8” tubing and a Spot-Spitter to the end and you are ready to go! This method of adapting existing irrigation systems saves both time and money!