Frost Protection

  • The Deluxe .5 oz fabric keeps temperatures up to 4˚ higher than outside conditions and creates an excellent micro-environment for seed germination and seedling growth. In fact, this fabric provides 90-95% average seed germination compared to a 60-65% with straw. 
    Special Order sizes available: 7x500, 7x1000, 10x500, 12x300, 14x100, 24x1000, 36x1000, 40x1000, 50x1000.

  • The Deluxe Plus 1 oz fabric protects vegetation from frost by raising temperatures beneath the fabric by 4˚ to 6˚. In addition to providing protection against cold, wind, birds, insects and scorching sun, Deluxe Plus helps produce larger, earlier and more productive yields.
    Special Order sizes available: 6x1000, 7x100, 7x250, 7x500, 7x1000, 10x500, 14x100, 14x500, 14x1000, 20x1000, 24x1000, 30x1000, 36x1000, 39x800, 40x1000, 50x1000.

  • The Supreme 1.5oz fabric is ideal for protecting flowering annuals, bedding plants and vegetables from severe cold and freezing. Temperatures underneath the fabric are 6˚-8˚ degrees warmer than outside conditions. Will lengthen your harvest time and extend your flowering season.
    Special Order sizes available: 7x500, 10x500, 14x500, 24x500, 36x500, 48x500, 50x500, 60x500.

  • The Ultimate 2.5oz fabric provides freeze protection in extreme temperature situations. Temperatures underneath fabric are 10˚ or greater than outside conditions. Ultimate is the most durable, effective product available on the market for "all winter" protection of your perrenials and other ornamentals.
    Special Order sizes available: 3x250, 6x250, 15x250.

    Call for special order pricing and lead time: 503-393-6411.