Heat Mats

Sun Pad PRO Heat Mats

SUNPAD™ PRO Commercial Seedling Heat Mats are perfect for professional growers. They reliably warm the root zone 10ºF-20ºF above ambient air temperature, creating excellent rooting conditions for seedlings and cuttings. Used with the required SUNPACK® Temperature Controller (13SP-TC1000) and tray domes, growers can dial in the ideal temperature and humidity for germination. These rugged and waterproof mats have a patented double-layer construction that makes it the right choice for greenhouses, nurseries, and commercial operations.


Agritape Heat Mats

Provide supplemental bottom heat for maximum germination.
Raise soil temperature up to 20° F over ambient air temperature.
Agritape Heat Mat Systems are easily installed and removed, so bench space can be used for multiple purposes. The Agritape heats up when it is electrified with standard house current (110 volts AC) and generates heat (up to 95° F) that is extremely uniform across the entire surface of the tape. The tape is rated 20 watts per square foot. Agritape Heat Mats distribute heat evenly over the entire mat surface, eliminating the cool spots typical of wire coil mats.

To install a system, roll out the heat mat and plug into the control unit. Cover the heater with the ground screen. Connect the ground wire from the control unit to the screen. Place seed tray or container on ground screen. Plug in the control unit, and then place the bulb thermostat in the soil of the seed tray or container. Set the dial on the thermostat to the desired soil temperature. Ambient temperature should be kept at 50° F or higher, as the Agritape will increase soil temperature by a maximum of 20° F.
A separate thermostat controller is needed with these mats.

PRO-GROW Heating Mats

These heavy duty rubber mats allow the user to place starting trays directly on top of the mat for easy use. These are the highest quality mats around and will not be beat out in performance.
A separate thermostat controller is needed with these mats.